Singles Only 2020: Death Will Tremble – For What It’s Worth

Death Will Tremble – For What It’s Worth

Genre: Post-Rock

Release Date: 6th May 2020

When someone tells you you’re about to listen to a track that is over 9 minutes long it can be hard to motivate yourself for that kind of a commitment. 9 minutes is a long time in the context of focusing on a single song. Death Will Tremble are aware of that though, and launch straight in with some huge riffs to pull your interest.

In truth it takes the length of a normal rock track for ‘For What It’s Worth’ to show its true colours as it descends into a deep, emotional darkness that we’ve all been in at times. The powerful vocals enough to encapsulate all of your attention as the guitars subside for what feels like hours before building back up, slowly and intensely.

This is a perfectly crafted piece of art that will grab you early on and hold you for almost 10 minutes. It’s as intense and beautiful as it is dark. Death Will Tremble feel like they are on to something special here.

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