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Album Review: Broadside – Into The Raging Sea


Release Date: 24/07/2020

Record Label: SharpTone Records

For Fans Of: Stand Atlantic, ROAM, State Champs

Come one, come all. Pop-punk outfit Broadside have endured frustration behind the scenes and further lineup changes in their career so far but they are here with a release which shows that not only has facing such adversity lit a fire, it’s a fire burning brighter than ever before. This album is for the downtrodden, a symbol of hope, and comes in the form of 13 energetic, honest songs that slap. Broadside present Into The Raging Sea, the work of a band reborn. 

Into The Raging Sea is made up of hopeless romanticism, trademark Broadside melancholy, and infectious melodies. ‘Foolish Believer’ is the epitome of this, overflowing with the kind of bittersweet vibes that pop-punk fans can never get enough of. This track, as well as other efforts such as ‘Nights Alone’ and ‘The Raging Sea’, pack enough punch to go twelve rounds with the most battle-hardened of heavyweights.

For the romantics out there, Broadside don’t disappoint with tracks like ‘Breathe You In’ and ‘Dancing On The Ceiling (With You)’. The former effort masks its self-conscious identity with a merry tune and a happy beat, an aspect of the album that in itself is far too relatable. The latter song has the catchiest of hooks and most irresistible of pop-undercurrents since Lionel Richie’s track of almost the same name.

As already mentioned, Into The Raging Sea is an album forged in the face of hardship and challenges and as a result, the spirit of this album is as honest and heartfelt as can be. Frontman Oliver Baxxter openly speaks of difficulties he faced in early life and the subsequent attitude he has developed as a result. “I don’t have shit to look forward to and everything behind me is trash, so I’m going to make myself the hero of my own story,” Baxxter says, “I’ve always known struggle… it’s always there.” There are certain tracks on the album that certainly resonate that sentiment, wearing their heart proudly on their sleeve despite the debris life so freely hurls in their direction. ‘Clarity’ is an example of such a track, with genuine emotion so palpable in every note and word but contrasted beautifully with the sense of empowerment it conjures. ‘Seasons’ is another fantastic track that aims to inspire, in the midst of toying with your emotions, and it’s easy to become a glutton for such punishment when the tracks are this good.

Broadside mark their return to the pop-punk scene with Into The Raging Sea and it is nothing short of a triumph. For an album that focuses so much on resilience, perseverance, and personal growth, it seems only fitting that the band themselves have done the same themselves, both within their sound and within their approach to creating music.

Recommended Track: ‘Foolish Believer’

Rating: 9/10

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