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Singles Only 2020: Fractures – The Human Veil

The Human Veil – Fractures

Genre: Metalcore

Release date: 24th June 2020

For Fans Of: Silent Planet, Currents, Alpha Wolf

Following on from the popular April release, 8612, The Human Veil are back with ‘Fractures’, announcing their long-awaited debut EP. This is a band which continues to make inroads on the metal scene and deservedly so off the back of their previous four single releases which have brought about a range of support slots with well-known artists in their home city of Manchester, not to mention a debut tour with Borders last May, plus debut festival appearances at Tech Fest and Techabilitation last year.

This fifth single release bears the same title as that debut EP which is scheduled to release on August 14th and has the underground metal scene in the UK stirring. This latest instalment further solidifies their style of melodic metalcore, continuing to bring that atmospheric edge which adds a certain depth to their sound, which is hard not to catch on to.

That trademark THV drop comes in not long after the halfway mark of the song, led in by the lines ‘You set the world on fire / And now we’ll burn’ which shoots the song off in a whole new direction, rapidly upping the tempo and a certain crowd-mover when played in the live set. As we said in our review of 8612, the EP was really shaping up to be something to look forward to, something which has only been ratified further by this latest track.

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