Singles Only 2020: Carmen Mellino – U’re So Pretty

Carmen Mellino – U’re So Pretty

Genre: Rock

Release date: 19th June 2020

Heartbreak is so often a topic for songs that it feels like it has been overdone in certain places. For every good breakup song there are 73 crap ones. Luckily, Carmen Mellino has done something slightly different here by writing about the immediate disappointment of a Valentine’s Day date leading to nothing.

In a world that gets smaller and faster as time passes us all by it feels fitting that the song compares the positive sides of the beau that wasn’t to be to the fact that she’s never going to see him again. The raw emotion of the ordeal pour out of the track musically, vocally and gives an atmosphere where, if this was a movie, you’d imagine pillows being destroyed, ice cream being consumed and Bridget Jones being watch.

Even with all of that though you have a track that has Foo Fighter’s style guitars in places and a playful undercurrent that keeps you coming back to listen again. 

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