Interview: After Smoke Clears

British metal rockers After Smoke Clears have just released Deterioration, the second of their six single releases throughout this year. These releases portray the story about a violent space inside your head, and ‘after the smoke clears’ you can grow. We got the chance to talk to them – check it out below!

You have just released your single Deterioration, do you think your music has evolved since your first EP Disillusion released last year?

“Absolutely, we have refined our style and have better chemistry as a band nowadays. We spent 6 months writing our new album Edification, Deterioration is the second single to be released.”

“Deterioration is a reminder to the listener that life is short lived, precious, and not be taken for granted”. Do you try to write your songs to be quite personal?

“This is the only song on the upcoming album that is really personal. The message in most of our songs is focussed around self improvement and spiritual growth. We also branch into themes such as the collective consciousness, metaphysics and psychedelic medicine.”

You’ve released a music video along with Deterioration. Do you have full control over your music videos, and what was the story behind this one?

“For Deterioration, we wanted to hire an actress to play the role of the protagonist in the song. We actually shot this video on the same day as the shoot for our previous single The Vine, so it was a pretty intense day!”

What tends to be your music writing process? Do some of you take on roles?

“Our bassist (Aaron) and guitarist (Ale) typically bring a song to the table they’ve written at home and jam with Dave, our drummer. Once we have a structure, Nick starts to throw down some vocal patterns which eventually transitions into lyrics. We refine it some more as a group and then it’s good to go.”

For people who have never heard your music before, can you describe it for us in 5 words?

“Relentless, energising, unapologetic, invigorating, aggressive.”

What are some bands you’d love to support one day?

“Lamb of God, Meshuggah, Thy Art is Murder.”

We know the music industry is struggling right now, what would you say to fans who would like to support the industry?

“Support bands by buying their merch, and contribute to the save our venues campaign.”


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