Singles Only 2020: The Dirty Nil – Done With Drugs

The Dirty Nil – Done With Drugs 

Genre: Punk Rock 

Release Date: 17th June 2020

With two stellar records under their belt in the form of Master Volume and Higher Power, Canadian punk trio The Dirty Nil have proven that injecting your own personality and style into a tried-and-tested formula. However the band have taken more than just musical influence from the predecessors, as first seen on ‘I Don’t Want That Phone Call’ they are all too aware that while a life of drugs and alcohol might sound fun on paper, definitely brings some less fun consequences. 

That is the subject of their new single ‘Done With Drugs’. Exactly what it says on the tin, the track is a confessional of frontman Luke Bentham taking a stand and getting clean for good. As un-rock and roll as that might sound, the music itself still has all the swagger and pomp of previous Dirty Nil songs complete with air-guitar worthy licks and a lighter in the air worthy bridge (just watch the ‘live’ video of the song if you don’t believe it.) The tongue in cheek humour of the band is also back as the final verse looks forward to days spent in Ikea and a distinctly middle-class lifestyle that couldn’t be further from the stereotypical ideals of a punk band. 

This is still The Dirty Nil’s greatest strength, personality. The band and music remain effortlessly cool while turning typical punk rock motifs on their head. There’s still no news about a new album, but ‘Done With Drugs’ is a fantastic appetizer to tide us over in the meantime.  


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