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Album Review: New Found Glory – Forever + Ever x Infinity


Release Date: 19/06/2020

Record Label: Hopeless Records

For Fans Of: Neck Deep, Yellowcard, Four Year Strong

There aren’t many bands in the music business that need no introduction, but New Found Glory are deservedly in that bracket. Not only is the longevity of their career impressive, but so is the standard that the four-piece pop-punk outfit have set themselves throughout. Unsurprisingly, Forever + Ever x Infinity is no exception. Covid-19 might have delayed the release, but good things come to those that wait.

Forever + Ever x Infinity is New Found Glory to its core, and that’s exactly why their dedicated fanbase will immediately fall in love with this release. If you’re looking for a record that is going to jolt you awake from your tedious 9-5 sleepwalking episodes then look no further. Tracks such as ‘Nothing To Say’, ‘Shook By Your Shaved Head’ and ‘Greatest Of All Time’ are relentless whirlwinds, rubber-stamped as 100% pure raw pop-punk with no artificial sweeteners. The latter song references the legendary Chicago Bulls trio Jordan, Rodman and Pippen in its chorus, ensuring success is nothing short of a slam dunk here.

Throughout their career of over 20 years, New Found Glory have always conveyed in their music that the band are friends of yours, there when you need them, poised with poignant lyrics that are far too relatable. Forever + Ever x Infinity is brimming with such efforts. The wonderfully titled ‘Scarier Than Jason Voorhees At A Campfire’ sees Jordan Pundik sing about being fearful of future love, ‘Stay Awhile’ is about the fun but nerve-racking very early days of relationships, meanwhile ‘Like I Never Existed’ tells of past love. There is a song for everyone on this album, no matter where you are in life, how you feel about love, or the number of times you’ve been knocked down. 

Amongst the fist-pumping, crowd-jumping and heart-thumping there are moments of intimacy and sincerity on Forever + Ever x Infinity. ‘More And More’ doesn’t just wear its heart on its sleeve, it’s a song about love that encourages you to do the same. ‘Slipping Away’ provides the most bittersweet ending, with lyrics that will pull on your heartstrings delivered in the most charming and empowering way. It doesn’t get much more pop-punk than that.

If you’re not a fan of New Found Glory’s career so far, it’s unlikely that Forever + Ever x Infinity will be the album that changes that. There’s not a new musical direction, there isn’t a bold blurring of genres, and there isn’t an agenda on the album to change the world. However, Forever + Ever x Infinity has so much to offer NFG fans and to those who love their pop-punk. This record is the masterpiece of a band so well versed in what they do, so comfortable in their image, and so passionate about their work. So throw your fist in the air, jump as high as you can, and sing-along at the top of your lungs, because that’s the very least this album deserves. New Found Glory aren’t just still here, they’re in the best shape of their lives.

Rating: 8/10

Recommended Track: ‘Greatest Of All Time’

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