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Album Review: Virginity – Death To The Party


Release Date: 05/06/2020

Record Label: Wiretap Records

For Fans Of: Real Friends, Milk Teeth, Matchbox Twenty

Forget every urge and thought your hormonal, teenage brain ever told you, you do in fact need Virginity in your life! The Florida pop-punk outfit are here with their EP, Death To The Party, and despite the mixed results you might get when you input the name of the band name into a search engine, this is a release you’re going to want to check out.

There’s a rawness to Death To The Party that has an undeniable charm to it, and it’s nothing short of refreshing. Virginity frontman Casey Crawford throughout the record feels as if he is singing to you, and you alone. There’s an intimacy within the lyrics, a desire to connect within the vocals, and a purity within Virginity’s sound. ‘Bad Call’ is a track about being in an anxious state of mind, and the effect of dismissive text messages on us when we’re in this place. (Seriously, who even replies to a paragraph you sent with “Ok”!?) The song slaps, it has groove, and it has a brilliant video that you can check out below.

Virginity’s strength is turning a hurdle that life throws at you and channeling those emotions it into an energetic, fun piece of music. ‘Fest 17’ focuses on an eventful Piebald reunion show, ‘Fall of Try’ perfectly contrasts an infectious sound with lyrics that are all too relatable and real, meanwhile ‘Can I Borrow Your Mistakes?’ is a bittersweet crescendo that showcases the craftsmanship within the band.

Death To The Party is a release that leaves you wanting more. In a time where physical contact is strongly advised against, there is a reassuring warmth in its sound that feels like an arm around your shoulder. Virginity may be releasing the EP you didn’t know you needed in your life right now.

Rating: 6/10

Recommended Track: ‘Bad Call’

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