Singles Only 2020: Mel Bryant & The Mercy Makers – Never Thought

Mel Bryant & The Mercy Makers – Never Thought

Genre: Indie Rock

Release date: 15th May 2020

Today sees Mel Bryant & The Mercy Makers release their angst fuelled, two minute ride of a track called ‘Never Thought’ and the Nashville rockers are out to make a name for themselves for sure.

With Mel’s energetic and imperfect vocals providing a compulsive listen the ‘Never Thought’ builds or the first 45 seconds before releasing progressively over the next 20 seconds. For a track that isn’t quite two minutes long, this is an interesting way to use that time but it works perfectly.

‘Never Thought’ picks you up and takes you on a car crash of a journey in a way not many songs are able to these days.

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