Playlist: MNN Lockdown Radio!

Even in lockdown, keeping track of all the new music that is coming out can be difficult. Luckily the Mind Noise Network team is here to help!  Compiling some of our essential tracks from the year so far from bands large and small, our new Lockdown Radio playlist  covers every nook and niche within rock music and with it we hope you can find some new tunes to keep you sane during this crazy time. We’ll be updating this every month with brand new tracks that our team just can’t stop spinning, so be sure to keep checking back!  


See below to read a bit about our choices why they made the cut! 

Liam McDonald

Code Orange – The Easy Way 

With their fifth album, Underneath, Code Orange have raised the bar once more. ‘The Easy Way’ is just another example of the band’s ambition, dedication, and refusal to accept anything less than perfection. One listen to that chorus should be enough to convert any remaining skeptics. 



Gold Key – Human  

Massive rock songs seem a little hard to come by in the modern era, but Gold Key are here to save the day with a track that simply soars. Combining Pink Floyd, Foo Fighters, Thrice (and more) sounds like a strange combo, but somehow the band have not only made it work, they’ve turned it into one of the best songs of the year so far. 


Dan Hemming 

Pearl Jam – Dance Of The Clairvoyants

A continuation of form for a band that have gone through about as many styles as their fans will have done since 1990. This is not how they started out, but it is a band doing what they should be doing – enjoying the musical freedom that 30 years at the top of their industry brings.


Evade Escape – Charade:

 Energetic alt-rock that makes you want to get up and dance. A chorus that’s as catchy as anything you’re going to hear in 2020. What more could you want?


Kevin Lay 

Holding Absence – Birdcage

Every time Holding Absence release a track it seems to be the best work they’ve done yet, constantly improving and honing their sound. This track is anthemic, emotional, and generally kicks ass.



This is the debut single from HEADACHE, the new solo project of former Lower Than Atlantis frontman, Mike Duce. It is not what you’d expect, more electro/techno with a rock attitude. It’s without a doubt a brave, radical change in musical direction but the track is a real belter.


Billy Padmore 

Pinegrove – Dotted Line

Pinegrove return with their third album Marigold, displaying even more country twang in their unique brand of indie/folk. ‘Dotted Line’ features all the heartfelt emotion without talking about pickup trucks and girls in denim shorts, and some beautiful vocal harmonies and pedal steel guitar to boot.


The Acacia Strain – Feed A Pigeon, Breed A Rat

The Acacia Strain are on fire recently, with last year’s surprise release It Comes In Waves sneaking in at the end of the year, and the band currently releasing two singles every few weeks. Feed A Pigeon, Breed A Rat demonstrates the band’s mix of groove and deathcore, led by Vincent Bennett’s vocals which are sounding fiercer than ever.


Camille Watkins 

In This Moment – Legacy

A sorrowful song of loss but gratitude for the life that person led. Something I think we can all identify with in one way or another and would gladly cry into a bottle of wine with.


Anti-Flag – Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down 

An anthem of strength and defiance against the box society places us in to conform and the accept shit on our cornflakes. This catchy song will have your punk fire burning.


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