Singles Only 2020: Ramonda Hammer – Big Hands

Ramonda Hammer – Big Hands

Genre: Alt-Rock

Release date: 24th April 2020

Rock doesn’t always have to be pounding drums and riffy guitars, sometimes it comes at you a little softer. That’s how ‘Big Hands’ lands in your ears, with added angst and energy.

Ramonda Hammer quickly create an atmosphere on this track, in fact within the first line of the track you know what sort of track this is. If you’re a fan of bands like Milk Teeth and False Advertising then you’re in the right place here for sure.

‘Big Hands’ floats around as much as it hits you hard. Without being heavy it weighs down on you. It makes you want to pour your heart out as much as it makes you want to dance. Funny what music can do, isn’t it?

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