Singles Only 2020 : NeverKnow – Anthem

NeverKnow – Anthem

Genre: Hard Rock

Release date: 10th April 2020

There are certain song names that just seem to be fair game. It feels like every band has a track called ‘Hero’ and the same goes for ‘Anthem’. Without even thinking you’ll know Trivium and Good Charlotte use the name. Well, here’s another.

German rockers NeverKnow are following a long tradition of bands with the track name and it’s fine. ‘Anthem’ for these guys sounds nothing like the others you can think of. It starts with a fun riff and a pounding drums, moves through catchy verses and a memorable chorus. It’s how hard rock should be.

There’s nothing revolutionary about this track, it’s a solid rock track that you can get involved in. Rock needs that.

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