Singles Only 2020 : Saginaw – Colony

Saginaw – Colony

Genre: Noise Rock

Release date: 3rd March 2020

‘Colony’ comes to you from American band Saginaw and is a track from the band’s split EP with Weep & Weft. The song was written, recording, mixed and produced by the band in January 2020 and it’s a fine effort at going the whole hod with the DIY side of things.

The stand out element of ‘Colony’ is certainly the vocals that are harsh and brass whilst still being accessible. A tough line to tow and one that is done incredibly well here. Musically you get the feeling that Saginaw don’t leave anything behind when they record – you can feel the power and you don’t get that from sitting nicely and playing like you’re learning. Sweat went into this record.

If you need your music to be intricate and passionate then ‘Colony’ is an excellent intro to the world of Saginaw and beyond. There’s a whole host of bands you can delve into starting here.

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