Singles Only 2020: Rideau – Miracle

Rideau – Miracle

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date: 6th March 2020

Music sometimes is about a release and a way out of ordinary life. For Rideau that has never been more true as the quartet became parents to no less than six children during the recording of this album. An impressive effort and one that means you can forgive any sloppiness in their music.

Oh, no, there isn’t any sloppiness. You could just forgive it if there was any. ‘Miracle’ is a pacey and fun, balls out rock track that builds and builds through verses and choruses, through guitar and brass solos and pulls you in over the three minutes it runs for.

The frenetic chorus is what sets this apart from a regular rock track for me as it’s virtually impossible not to clap along. This is Swedish rock as you don’t know it. No campness or over the top theatrics, just pure rock.


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