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Singles Only 2020: Holding Absence – Gravity

Holding Absence – Gravity

Genre: Post-hardcore

Release Date: 27th March 2020

Everyone’s favourite emotional rollercoaster, Holding Absence, are back with a song that epitomises everything they’re rapidly gaining a reputation for producing; Heart-pounding ballads bursting at the seams with emotion. ‘Gravity’ ticks that box with ease.

For those unfamiliar with the Welsh four-piece, Holding Absence released their flawless debut self-titled album last year and ever since then their devoted fanbase have been in a constant state of wanting to cry or wanting to mosh. ‘Gravity’ makes us want to do both simultaneously. Frontman Lucas Woodland delivers vocals on this track that are sheer perfection, with a phenomenal range that flows seamlessly between rip-roaring cries and softly-whispered lullabies. If you haven’t checked this band out before now then this is the perfect track to introduce you to what they’re all about. It has depth, it has tempo, and it has plenty of feeling. This is Holding Absence.

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