Singles Only 2020: SleepSafe – Amaretto (One Last Chance)

SleepSafe – Amaretto (One Last Chance)

Genre: Punk Rock

Release Date: 22nd February 2020

One of the most important things to do when writing a song is get people interested and quickly. SleepSafe do that perfectly here with a pacey and bouncing intro that leaves you wondering what sort of band they’re going to turn out to be. Luckily they’re your sort of band.

‘Amaretto (One Last Chance)’ is a track gliding along seamlessly between many genres, being just about heavy enough whilst retaining a fuck load of catchiness along with it – mainly in those lead vocals that are just begging for you to murder along while singing along to them.

This is a band that sounds like they’re having fun when they play and playing the way they want to. That all comes out in the track and makes it compulsive listening.


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