Singles Only 2020: Grasshole – The Trials Of Lenny Harlock

Grasshole – The Trials Of Lenny Harlock

Genre: Alt-Rock

Release Date: 4th March 2020

Stoner punk from Melbourne is on the menu for us now with Grasshole bringing the fuzzy riffs and atmospheric rock. This isn’t your normal stoner rock though, it feels like it has a bit more depth than you’re probably used to.

With a 30-second intro taking up a chunk of the track’s running time it doesn’t leave too much time left of the 2 minute 48 second track but what they do with it is borderline miraculous. It feels like a song twice the length….but in a good way. There are big riffs and strong vocals throughout.

This is rockier than your normal stonery type song and it’s stonerier than your normal rock song. It fits perfectly in the middle and it makes you want to be stood in a field in the sunshine with a warm beer headbanging along.


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