Singles Only 2020: Devil’s Kiss – At Least You Tried, Kid

Devil’s Kiss – At Least You Tried, Kid

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date: 28th February 2020

Fronted by Ellie Bates, Devil’s Kiss are going to be putting out raw and powerful rock tracks and that’s starting with ‘At Least You Tried, Kid’.

If you’re a fan of the energetic and frenetic garage rock style then you’re in for a treat here as, despite being a bit more polished than your normal garage rock, Devil’s Kiss have not refined themselves to the point of commercial rock by any stretch. Ellie’s vocals provide most evidence of this.

You won’t be seeing these playing arenas any times soon and that’s for the best. This is a band that you will want to be up close and personal with and there will be plenty of chances coming up.


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