Singles Only 2020: Reism – This Reality

Reism – This Reality

Genre: Metal

Release Date: 29th November 2019

Back after a few months absence in the ‘Singles Only’ feature we have Reism and their melodic metal with the primary pull being Kirsten Jørgensen’s incredibly apt vocals. Ironically, this is melodic metal with balls.

From the post-rock feeling intro you know you’re in for something a bit different here. Kirsten’s vocals kick in almost immediately and are unrelenting from there, feeling like they’re telling a story backed by metal riffs and industrial effects throughout. This isn’t your standard metal or melodic metal song, it’s just something a bit different.

Sometimes it takes a few months being ‘apart’ from a band to realise how good they actually are. When they come back at you like Reism have done with ‘This Reality’ you know you’re onto something special.


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