Singles Only 2020: Javelina – Bring On The End

Javelina – Bring On The End

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date: 1st March 2020

If you’re a fan of some of the grungier bands from the early 90s then LA’s Javelina are the band for you. ‘Bring On The End’ is straight out of that era but without even slightly feeling dated.

Harnessing the energy of Nirvana’s live album From The Muddy Banks Of Wishkah, the song starts slower but explodes out in the choruses to, in their words, “draw from the desert’s geographical isolation”. It’s hard to argue with that.

There is a lot of focus on music being ‘perfect’, sounding right and polished. Javelina are doing the exact opposite, using their raw sound to create an intense atmosphere. This is how music should be.


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