Singles Only 2020: Fleks – King Of Color TV

Fleks – King Of Color TV

Genre: Punk Rock

Release Date: 17th January 2020

No matter how much it pains me to leave the ‘u’ out of colour, Fleks are ensuring that I have to do exactly that with their new track ‘King Of Color TV’ (and yes, I did write it ‘properly’ and have to go back and delete the ‘u’ out of habit).

Aside from my grammatical frustrations, these Austrians have taken aim at daytime television in a manner not really done before, taking on the dull nature of the genre. They obviously never saw an episode of Ready, Steady, Cook.

Transitioning from faster paced RATM style backing vocals in places, to a softer more pop punk style in others, ‘King Of Color TV’ is  an interesting song that doesn’t leave you slouched back, it gets you up and it gets you wanting to throw yourself around. Don’t resist it.


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