Singles Only 2020: Shade – Brain Suck

Shade – Brain Suck

Genre: Alternative Rock

Release Date: 15th January 2020

A catchy vocal and a fairly ploddy drum beat kick off ‘Brain Shuck’ from Shade, a Canadian rock band with alt and punk roots firmly planted in their music.

If you think back to the glory years of Brit Pop, ‘Brain Suck’ won’t be too far wide of the mark of what you imagine initially. Those Oasis vocals and the guitars of the heavier Blur songs stick in the mind and it feels like Shade have taken the essence of those songs and added a bit of edge to them, creating something familiarly new.

It may not even last 3 minutes, but ‘Brain Suck’ is a track that will live longer in the memory. It’s hard to see where the song is going to go after the intro but within 30 seconds the song explodes and doesn’t relent throughout.


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