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Live Review: Hollywood Undead @ o2 Kentish Town Forum – 14/02/20


Hollywood Undead descended upon London on Friday night, supported by Pengshui, and it was quite the show that the Rock-Rap outfit put on for those in attendance. Hollywood Undead are as alive as ever.

Pengshui are tonight’s support act and they take to stage like it is theirs to claim. With their debut album set for release next week, Pengshui are bursting at the seams with enthusiasm, energy and a desire to give the crowd the best start to the night they possibly can. Prodigy frontman, Keith Flint, is mentioned on numerous occasions and the influence is clear for all to see. Their sound is raw, it’s frantic, and the crowd feed off every ounce of it. To say that the Londoners on stage get the crowd warmed up would be an understatement; they’re at boiling point.


There’s an anticipation in the air that feels like it’s going to erupt any moment. Every technician receives a cheer, every mic-check is given a scream, and every voice in the crowd starts to sing “Everywhere I go…”. As the Californian five-piece take to the stage, Storm Dennis must have been given a run for its money. The crowd surges forward, and many of them upwards, and the chaos ensues. 


Hollywood Undead set off at some pace, rattling through hit after hit with flawless delivery and an abundance of energy. The crowd give as good as they get. ‘Undead’ receives an incredible reaction from the entirety of Kentish Town, forcing the security at the front to work tirelessly. It feels as though every person in attendance knows every word and is thriving on every riff. Tracks such as ‘Empire’ and ‘Another Way Out’ prove a real hit, but there’s not a song that doesn’t.


Arguably the highlight of the night takes place when an acoustic guitar makes its way to the stage and Hollywood Undead perform ‘Bullet’. The crowd are given the responsibility of singing the last verse and they do not disappoint, screaming along at the top of their longs from every corner of the venue. Crowd participation hits an all time high when Owen, a fan from the crowd, is given the even greater responsibility, and honour, of being pulled up on stage to play guitar for a song. Boy, does he nail it. It has the feel of a night where nothing can go wrong. Hollywood Undead are masters of their craft and fans in attendance are witnessing a masterclass.


Unfortunately, everything must come to an end. The encore consists of the epic ‘Everywhere I Go’ and ‘Hear Me Now’ and the crowd show their appreciation in unison. There’s not many heading for the exit until Hollywood Undead clear the stage, and rightly so. The varied fan base they drew in is representative of their boundary-fluid genre of music, but it’s a fan base that is loyal and passionate. If you haven’t had the chance to see them live before, then you’re missing out on a fantastic live band who are showing no signs of stopping any time soon.

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