Singles Only 2020: Payton Gin – Red Tape

Payton Gin – Red Tape

Genre: Alternative Rock

Release Date: 10th January 2020

A month ago Boston, Massachusetts rockers Payton Gin, fronted by the brains of the outfit Liv Field, put out their latest single ‘Red Tape’. Just a couple of years into the project’s life and you can really pick up on a strong identity.

‘Red Tape’ is an atmospheric and powerful rock song that has elements of goth rock mixed in, but it is Liv’s vocals that harbour a more garage rock style that sets the song alight.

At 5 minutes the song trnasitions so well through various phases but always feels like it’s building on itself. It’s the sort of song where when played live you could see yourself just getting lost in the moment. A rarity these days.


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