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Singles Only 2020: Bitter Breath – Paradox

Bitter Breath – Paradox

Genre: Metalcore

Release Date: 20th December 2020

Mental health is an important topic in life and something that needs to keep being brought to the table whilst the stigmas are being destroyed. ‘Paradox’ from Bitter Breath is the American metalcore outfits attempt at keeping the conversations going.

Taking a fairly middle-ground approach to metalcore as a genre is understandable int he circumstances as the vocals and the message they’re delivering is the most important part of this song. The power with which they’re delivered makes the message land harder than it usually would and where the two styles combine it creates a huge wall of sound.

If you need a bit of a pick me up and to realise that you aren’t alone then ‘Paradox’ is a great place to start. Bitter Breath are showing that they’re a band on the up and one to keep an ear out for.


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