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Singles Only 2020: Bleach The Sky – Hey Again

Bleach The Sky – Hey Again

Genre: Alt Rock

Release Date: 28th December 2019

Boston rockers Bleach The Sky managed to sneak a new track into the previous decade by a matter of days. ‘Hey Again’ is the blueprint for their sound, an energetic romp that can’t begin to be contained by the ‘Alt-rock’ style that they lean towards.

From the almost Brit-Pop style vocals to the soaring guitars which are always noticeable but not always at the forefront, ‘Hey Again’ is a song that you’ll think you recognise immediately.

With not much time under their belts it is impressive that a song like this, where Bleach The Sky sound like they’ve been playing since the 90s, has already come from the band. If their live shows continue to live up to this they will start making waves.


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