Singles Only 2020: Citadellion – Seasons Of Our Lives

Citadellion – Seasons Of Our Lives

Genre: Melodic Metal

Release Date: 17th December 2019

Fancy a six and a half minute epic track from a Swedish Meco-metal band? Yes, yes you do and that’s exactly what we have in the form of ‘Seasons Of Our Lives’ from Citadellion.

As per the name, the song has strong nature based references that are used to describe the path of life we go on as humans in this world. The imagery is wonderful and the way it is backed musically by a track that flows like a river in parallel to your life is beautiful.

This is a band that are combining interesting lyrical topics with strong musical concepts and spitting out songs so long you’d think you’d get bored, but so well crafted you never will.


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