Singles Only 2019: Old Neon – Among The Wires

Old Neon – Among The Wires

Genre: Pop Punk

Release Date: 27th November 2019

With their first single ever we have a new Pittsburg based band for you today. Old Neon are combining their take on an indie style of rock with just enough of an emo tinge.

‘Among The Wires’ is a passionate rock track that picks you up for the journey that it takes. The soft vocals feel like a cushion for your ears and musically it has the feeling of some of Bowling For Soup’s softer tracks, though without the toilet humour that comes along with that.

This is the sort of track you probably shouldn’t be listening to directly after a break-up, but as the gluttons we are for self-punishment, you’ll probably end up doing it anyway.


Keep up to date with the band through their Instagram.

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