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Singles Only 2019: Banshee Child – Light It Up

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Banshee Child – Light It Up

Release Date: 1st June 2018

Recorded in Louisville, Kentucky, ‘Light It Up’ is a song from rockers Banshee Child, a four-piece that are laying everything they have out on every track.

At under three minutes, they haven’t given themselves much time to make a mark though and you can feel from the vocals on show that this is a band that thrive live. You can hear them try and break out from the restrictions of the studio. This just adds to the energy that the whole band is putting out there though, from the frantic riffs to the pacey drums, there’s no holding back here.

Despite this song coming out in 2018, this is a good reminder of a band well worth your attention.

Keep up to date with the band on their Soundcloud.

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