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Album Review: Gabriella Metz – Breaking Infinity


Release Date: 03/05/2019

Label: Self Release

For fans of: Evanescence, Lara Fabian, Avril Lavigne

‘Breaking Infinity’ is the debut EP of the young Cyprus-born artist Gabriella Metz – It is a pop/rock EP with alternative influences which consists of five original songs : ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’, ‘Walls’, ‘Grey’, ‘Broken’, and ‘Awake’ – and three bonus tracks, one of which is an alternative version of the original.

As a whole, the songs of her debut EP are mostly string and piano driven, creating a consistent flow between them. Gabriella is considered a singer of many genres including Opera, Pop, Rock and Jazz, which can be showcased in her voice and her abilities, which always surprise the listener as she never uses the same tone or technique throughout any song.



Why Don’t You Love Me’ and ‘Broken’ are two tracks that progress slowly creating an anticipation for the climax. Both begin with soft dynamics, solely with Gabriella’s soft chest voice, piano and strings, creating an immense crescendo of dynamics and instrumentation towards the end with Gabriella’s powerful head voice as a climax.


EP 2019 - Breaking Infinity - Photo Dre 22


Grey’, the EP’s single, is a song that is considered more mainstream than the rest, and is easier to listen to, in a way. The introduction of ‘Grey’ is formed by a three-part vocal harmonisation and piano gradually getting louder. Then, absolute silence for a second, resuming with a bass line and piano. It is maybe the only song of ‘Breaking Infinity’ other than ‘Walls’ – a song with greater alternative influences – which includes drums in a bigger quantity. Also, while listening to ‘Grey’, one can hear Gabriella’s voice flowing through all vocal registers and interchanging dynamics more frequently than in the rest of the EP.



The song that has become my personal favourite is ‘Awake’. One may see it as the “black sheep” of Breaking Infinity’ as it’s the one that stands out more due to her surprising approach. Gabriella is classically trained in both piano and vocals who continues to study different styles of music and techniques, so that she could fully develop into a well-rounded singer and songwriter. Therefore, there couldn’t not be a song in her debut EP where she demonstrates her operatic side. ‘Awake’ commences with strings adding Gabriella’s vocals using a soft tone of her upper register. The first chorus hits with an outstanding vocal performance with extremely high notes where she sings in an operatic style. Throughout the song, she switches between different vocal genres (pop and opera) to create a contrast and keep the audience’s attention. The ending of ‘Awake’ is completely breathtaking.

Rating: 8.5/10

Recommended Tracks: Awake, Grey, Why Don’t You Love Me

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