Singles Only 2019: Forgotten Sons – All By Myself

Forgotten Sons – All By Myself

FFO: Frank Turner, The Gaslight Anthem

Release Date: 4th October 2019

Bands from The Shetland Isles are pretty rare so when one comes along it is always a nice surprise. When they come along with a strong and accessible rock sound it’s even better. Forgotten Sons are that band and ‘All By Myself’ is one of those tracks you can see a festival full of people of all ages singing along to.


With guitarwork akin to some of the mid-life Foo Fighters tracks and vocals combining Frank Turner in places and Biffy in others it’s a track that sits  in the middle of a lot of people’s comfort zones. ‘All By Myself’ touches so many different aspects of rock and combines them all with catchy riffs and some fun harmonies throughout.

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