Singles Only 2019: SHOVEIT – Make-Out Reef

SHOVEIT – Make-Out Reef

FFO: Culture Abuse, Idles

Release Date: 20th September 2019

SHOVEIT are a three-piece from Miami and ‘Make-Out Reef’ is their pacey, punky anthem that sports the bands gay image as explicitly as it possibly can. Fronted by Val you can feel the energy coming through from the opening few seconds of the track and that does not subside for the track’s 139 second running time.


‘Make-Out Reef’ feels like the perfect track to put on when you’re getting ready to head out to a gig. It’s controlled chaos musically, but vocally a bit more restrained. It’s the sort of song that you just know pulls no punches live and one which I makes me want to head over the pond even more than I already do.

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