Singles Only 2019: Little Triggers – I’m Alright


Little Triggers – I’m Alright

FFO: Energetic, punky blasts of fun

Release Date: 14th October 2019

Just like bands from Birmingham, those from Liverpool have an added pressure when it comes to breaking out of their local scenes for obvious reasons. It isn’t said by anyone but whenever people put ‘from Liverpool’ in their descriptions the mind wanders back to legends of years gone by. Little Triggers don’t have to worry about any of that though.

Yes they’re from Liverpool but they’re packing so much energy in to such small amounts of time they could be from the damn moon and no one would have time to think about it. ‘I’m Alright’ is the latest in a line of singles that is standing the band out against a backdrop of smaller bands plying their trade and it does it with such a punch it’s hard to know what you just witnessed.


Old school rock and punk are fused together with consumate ease as just shy of 2-minutes flies by in a headbanging, moshing blitz. This is the Little Triggers way and they’re absolutely smashing it right now.

Twitter: twitter.com/LittleTriggers_

Facebook: facebook.com/LittleTriggersuk/

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/littletriggersofficial

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