Gallery: Boston Manor @ The Sugarmill, Stoke-on-Trent, 11/11/2019

As the cold winter really begins to set in, we went to Stoke-on-Trent to see my Blackpool counterparts Boston Manor. Support came from Modern Error and Gender Roles.

Gender Roles

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Gender Roles opened the night on a nice, chilled out note. The crowd responded to their alt-rock with some gentle head nodding, with some sections reciprocating lines of songs.

Modern Error

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Then came something a little heavier. Twins Zak (vocals) and Kel (guitar) constantly on the move during the set, providing spins and head banging, actions which really began to get the crowd going. Another example of great British talent on this all-UK lineup.

The Sugarmill was now ready for the centrepiece of the evening…

Boston Manor

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Boston Manor have come a heck of a long way in recent times. Coming out of Blackpool, where the music scene is nowhere near as vibrant as it is elsewhere, the band have worked tirelessly in getting their music ‘out there’. Now, a few EPs and two albums down, they are really beginning to look the finished article.

The crowd go mad from the off, as crowdsurfers come flying in not long after the first line of the first song, their latest single ‘Liquid’. In a set largely dominated by songs off their latest full-length, Welcome To The Neighbourhood, there is room for some older gems, as Lead FeetBurn You Up and Laika from their 2016 release, Be Nothing are featured. On this performance, Boston Manor look in great stead ahead of their first ever headline tour across the Atlantic, beginning this week in (coincidentally!) Boston.



Words and Photography by Kaine Crilley


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