Singles Only 2019 – Round-up #29

Garage Sale – Home

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A bit of indie rock to kick us off today sees Australian rockers Garage Sale knock us for six with an old school indie track. The main focus here, like with many Strokes songs, is the punchy guitars and drums with some strong vocals lay over the top. This is a top down (of your car…), sun out and sleeves rolled up sort of rock track that can become the anthem of your summer before you’ve even noticed…unless you’re in Australia then it’s the soundtrack of your winter I guess?


I Cried Wolf – Sigh

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I Cried Wolf are up next and turning everything up considerably. Their track ‘Sigh’ is another example of how exciting this band are. It comes across as effortless the way each element is so cohesive. There are hints of old school Avenged in the screams but musically this is a proper metal track that pulls no punches. This is the sort of song that could bring down the 4th stage at Download early in the afternoon and it can’t be long until I Cried Wolf are starting to make a name for themselves.


RedHook – Only Bones

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Back to Australia we have Download 2019 debutants RedHook back in the Singles Only arena. Release just a couple of weeks ago, ‘Only Bones’ is just that bit more dirty than their previous submission to us. Kicking off it’s all very Marilyn Manson before choruses that have echoes of American radio rock. It’s a fine line they’re moshing along but it’s one they’re balancing perfectly. With such high profile shows under their belts this summer, the future is so bright for RedHook. Get listening now!


Project Revise – Just A Story

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Last up today is ‘Just A Story’ from Project Revise. This is a song bursting at the seams with energy and is if anything about 15 years late. If this song came out in the peak of the punk-rock/skater scene these guys would be Slam Dunk staples by now. Drawing inspiration from those American bands, this is the UK showing them we can do it too, and do it well. It is the raw energy that sets this song apart and one that will draw in many fans.


That’s all for this edition, thanks for reading! Don’t forget you can check out all the tracks we’ve reviewed this year on the playlist below:


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