Singles Only 2019 – Round-up #22

Chalk Hands – Charm

Kicking us off on today’s journey through a few singles released in the past couple of months we have Chalk Hands and their post-rock assault on the sense ‘Charm’. Musically ‘Charm’ feels like it could get lost in a breeze, ebbing and flowing through its four and a half minutes. This is the sort of song that you could easily get lost in, with your mind wandering to it’s deepest places. Luckily the vocals are enough to bring you back and create an atmosphere of turmoil amongst the beauty of the guitars. Chalk Hands are one to keep an ear out for this year for sure.

Source – Benjamin

With an electronic intro from the future your expectations are duly subverted from the hard rock track that hides in behind. Fans of American radio style rock will. Be all over a song that combines big riffs with vocals akin to bands like Silverchair. The empowering lyrics are expertly interwoven within the powerful guitars and drums and this makes a track sounds familiar but fresh all at the same time.

The Weight Of Silence – Ain’t Loyal

Taking things up a notch we have The Weight Of Silence with ‘Ain’t Loyal’. This is a song that would likely have been huge during the early 00’s heyday of nu-metal. A heavy, chugging riff combine with harsh screams set the tone for the song, interspersed with rapping. This is a song that gets in your face and makes you feel uncomfortable before dropping a guitar solo that’s right up there in 2019. This is a big, big song.

The Vitriots – A.B.A.C

Keeping it short and sweet to close us out of the day today are The Vitriots. This punchy affair has hallmarks or 00s indie with rolling guitars and vocals akin to those from Wolfmother’s debut. This is a fun track that you can feel yourself spilling most of your pint over when it comes on live and is a step forwards for the band when compared to their recent material. This song could be an important stepping stone.


That’s all for this edition, thanks for reading! Don’t forget you can check out all the tracks we’ve reviewed this year on the playlist below:


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