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Singles Only 2019 – Round-up #21

Blarg – Will You Love Me Again


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I think it’s fair to say I don’t know why I like ‘Will You Love Me Again’ by Blarg as much as I do. It’s a simplistic love song in the vein of The Ramones, but importantly it features the ever so important catchy chorus, the one that you find yourself singing around the house or gets stuck in your head the second someone mentions the words ‘love me’. Shoutout to Blarg for writing one hell a hell of an ear worm.

Gaspar Sanz – Meanderthal


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Oh I love finding little gems like this. Gaspar Sanz possess that quality that I adored about The Hives – a jaunty indie band with rockier harder edge. ‘Meanderthal’ is catchy and when you break it down goes far deeper than it’s fun exterior initially presents. Perhaps its best moment is the children-esque chorus which completely contrasts the fuzzed up The Strokes style verses. I just wish this kind of music was coming from the most popular of the indie bands.

Down For Tomorrow – Thanks To You


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I’m gonna go right in here with my favourite part about this song… the chorus. Down For Tomorrow have guitar lines that sound like they were stripped right from the Hundred Reasons playbook. It’s absolutely euphoric.

Now I’ve got that out of my system, let’s talk about the rest of the song. The vocals are charming in the way that Aussies do best, it makes for more emotional investment and gives it an edge. Musically it shifts between many forms sounding pop-punk to alt-rock to grunge. I miss the days when music like this would make it big.

Roelant – Angry


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Roelant owe a lot to Muse, from the textures of the vocals to the hard rock guitar lines, it’s got all the makings of one of those rock bangers you hear on Fifa or Adverts. And I don’t mean that disparagingly, trust me, most bands fail to come anywhere close to the quality of ‘Angry’. This song is well crafted, super polished and finalised to a high quality, if you’re a fan of modern popular rock, give this one a go.


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