Singles Only 2019 – Round-Up #12

Once more we’re ready to dip into the realm of new singles! Read our thoughts, follow our playlist and enjoy.

Chine – Nothing But Black

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Hitting up Sweden to start with we have Chine and their track ‘Nothing But Black’ which is due to be released on Friday the 2nd of March as part of the Like Vultures. The song focuses on a chap that kills a biker with his car…so pretty standard Swedish metal really. The song takes a journey through several styles of metal with drumming that ebbs and flows through the song, chuggy in places, picking up the pace when needed. The guitarwork is intricate and fun with vocals that are harsh yet immediately understandable. ‘Nothing But Black’ draws on a bleak moment and captures that atmosphere perfectly.


Hunt For Hunter – Let It Out

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Heading over to the world of symphonic rock we take in Hunt For Hunter. Most of the time symphonic music tends to head towards the metal side of things but Hunt For Hunter are pushing their symphonic rock and it is bloody well working. With vocals that are as strong as anything around at the moment, the stringed elements truly add another level to a band that are obviously talented. The song starts softly before it heads towards a heavier chorus. ‘Let It Out’ is a multi-faceted song that very much feels like a story is being told and it’s a motivational story at that.


Pretty Vicious – These Four Walls

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If you ever wanted a bit of extra motivation when at a gig to really let loose and give yourself to the music then ‘These Four Walls’ is that very motivation. Pretty Vicious have written a track here that encapsulates everything a gig can bring out of you, if you’d just be willing to give it. The song is an anthemic romp through four minutes of punky, rocky goodness with the sole aim of leaving everything you have within the four walls of the venue. An important message delivered in a fun, energetic manner.


Nikita Afonso – Holy, My Heart

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This one is a little different to what we normally cover. Nikita Afonso has written a song here that feels it pulls country, pop and rock together in a three and a half minute song that is really all about the young ladies vocals. Encapsulating throughout the vocals have the feeling of the soundtrack to an old movie, one where the camera follows someone walking through crowds of people feeling entirely alone. This may not be what we’d normally cover, but talent is talent and this deserves to be recognised.


Ribozyme – Haunted A Minute Ago

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To finish off today we’re back in Scandinavia with Ribozyme, a band that have been doing their thing for 20 long years with 7 albums under their belts – and it appears that music has finally caught up with the prog-rockers. The vocals may not be quite in the same league, but if you toned down Black Peaks a little the similarities are there to be seen, especially during the chorus. This is a song that feels like it could go on for twice as long as it does without getting dull, excellent guitars combined with some strong vocals this feels like a journey you take with the band and it’s a great journey to be on. Now, I’ve got 7 albums to catch up on!


That’s this weeks singles reviews, please check out the tracks above and give them a listen in our embedded Spotify playlist below. Thanks for reading!




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