The New Death Cult Are Here From The Andromeda Galaxy

Everyone likes a bit of mystery and new band The New Death Cult are providing it in droves.

Claiming they’re from the ‘Andromeda Galaxy’, they say they have come to Earth to ‘unite us under a new rock banner’. I don’t know about you, but that’s might nice of them and its good to know that rock music transcends specism.

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The four members ALPHA (vocals, guitar), BETA (lead guitar), GAMMA (bass), and DELTA (drums) combine with music centred around true love, peaceful activism, and an anti-war and anti-destruction ethos.

Bandleader ALPHA has made the following comments:

“It’s the perfect grand opening. Both for the album and as the first single. On the surface, the lyrics paint a rather blunt picture of light versus dark, good versus evil. However, digging deeper into the metaphysical, this alleged war plays out in the field of human consciousness, and it’s one that’s been waged heavily by major corporations, politicians and religious institutions for decades. What lies behind the veil of consciousness? Pure universal love. Tune your soul into the cosmic frequencies and let the light overflow.”

Enough reading though, music is about listening so give that a go here:


Information on the band is obviously sparse, but you can do a little digging here: www.thenewdeathcult.com


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