Singles Only 2019 – Round-Up #11

Once more we’re ready to dip into the realm of new singles! Read our thoughts, follow our playlist and enjoy.

Old News – Melatonin Gummy

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Starting us of here with have US experimental rockers Old News with their full-on fusion track ‘Melatonin Gummy’. Combining elements of countless bands throughout the years, the song feels completely new. The brass sections add a layer to the track that sets it above a lot of indie-rock that’s doing the rounds at the moment and the guitar that feels like it’s out for a Sunday stroll just drops in on your every now and then, though it’s always there. This a strong, strong track from the Americans and feels like a Summer chillout track in the waiting.


Little Triggers – So Fine

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If we go back five or so years bands like Little Triggers were ten to a penny. As the ‘classic rock with a bit of added soul’ scene died off a bit we were left with the best of the bunch and those are the bands that Little Triggers could well see themselves in with. Musically ‘So Fine’ is a pretty standard rock song. Toe-tapping percussion, guitars that sound like they’re tuned straight out of the early ’00s. Everything is in order. It’s vocally where the band excels though. With echoes of Plant, but in a more natural way than certain other bands of a similar ilk doing the rounds at the moment, this could be what takes Little Triggers onwards and upwards.


Rude Tins – Fire And Forget 

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Ska from Switzerland you say? Coming right up. Rude Tins are the band in question and they’re all of your favourite ska bands in one. ‘Fire And Forget’ starts like many a ska track before it and many still to come too, brass coming out of its ass as it pushes to that Zebrahead style of dual vocalists. It’s a style that works so well for the Brugg band as they build an atmosphere of pure party. This is EXACTLY what you want from ska and it’s here in adundance.


Friday’s Spirit – TSTT

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Shifting not too far across Europe (while we’re still allowed), it’s over to Austria for some Friday’s Spirit and their track ‘TSTT’. Hitting people’s ears at the end of January, the song continues nicely on what was started in 2017 on their EP Parts. The song starts off at a slow pace with the lyrics driving the track. Vocally there are elements of bands like Billy Talent in their urgency, though the style changes so often through the few minutes that they constantly feel fresh. There seems to be unlimited potential in Friday’s Spirit. Give them a listen.


Damn Nation – Apocolypse

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Damn Nation close us off today with their single ‘Apocalypse’ and it’s everything that America loves. With big, chuggy riffs that feel like they’re forcing you to bang your head slowly and then huge, powerful choruses with so much hook. This has all of the hallmarks of a successful rock track. Vocally this is the sort of song that fans of Shinedown are going to be all over. It’s not as clean and overly produced as that though, and the electronic elements that are dropped in towards the middle set it apart.


That’s this weeks singles reviews, please check out the tracks above and give them a listen in our embedded Spotify playlist below. Thanks for reading!




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