Singles Only 2019 Round Up #10

In our next edition ‘Singles Only 2019’, we will be jetting off around the world to the likes of Australia and America to find the best new music. So chill out, read the review whilst listening to them on our Spotify playlist at the bottom of the page. Don’t forget to follow it to keep up to date with the best and brightest in rock!

The Beautiful Art of Decay-Finger

First up is Swedish group The Beautiful Art of Decay, with their latest single ‘Finger’. ‘Finger’ utilises punk style vocals whilst being accompanied by a more 80s melodic rock style. The vocals certainly don’t feel out of place and are more melodic and far more tuneful than many others in the genre. The rhythm section does a very solid job without being spectacular. My one criticism is that even though it’s a short track, it quickly feels a bit repetitive; a moment of innovation. a guitar solo, for example, would take it to the next level. Overall, it may not be the most technicals of tracks but it’s an enjoyable 2 and a half minutes and something fun to nod your head along to.

The Seraphonics- Faithfully

The Seraphonics were formed in Miami in 2011, under the name ‘Citizen Zero. The name change came in 2013 with new drummer Sean Wydner shortly before their first EP.  After six long years, we finally see the next Seraphonics release with their latest EP ‘Darkest Horizon Line’. The lead single ‘Faithfully’; starts with a quiet storm with several gusts of winds before an atmospheric guitar riff comes in. The tension is built up slowly with each instrument being introduced adding another layer.  The track clocks in at just under 5 minutes but your interest is kept throughout. It’s alternative with a hint of  90s grunge but with more melodic vocals. This enables you to understand and connect with the emotive performance of Jose Amador as well as hearing the vocal hook. If you love The Smashing Pumpkins then you’ll love The Seraphonics.

Wulf Black- Stop Me!


‘Stop Me!’ introduces itself like a feature film would, using an orchestra to build up the tension before it climaxes into an epic alternative rock piece. It’s not a standard slab of alternative rock but is a far more ambitious effort from the one-man Australian Wulf Black. It’s smooth and well-produced with a good beat and catchy melodic vocals. It’s reminiscent of the likes of Muse; synthesised rock made for arenas. It’s already made it onto the Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 soundtrack and Wulf Black has plenty of potential for growth so watch this space!

That’s the end of the 10th edition of ‘Singles Only 2019’. Don’t forget to follow our Spotify playlist below so you can be the first to see the newest tracks in rock!


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