High Rise Release New Single ‘My Solitude, Your Hope’

With an EP titled Endeavors due on the 29th of March, South West London outfit High Rise have released ‘My Solitude, Your Hope’ from the record and a video to go with it.

The band had this to say about the EP:

“This EP is a journey and a reflection on our cultural surroundings. Each song reflects the struggles we face in day to day life, whether that be losing someone close to you or seeing alcohol or substance abuse as a means to escape reality. The name ‘Endeavours’ came from the thought that no one’s journey is ever quite over and through our struggles to succeed, we forget to appreciate the more important things around us.”

So, give the track a listen and let the hype start to build inside you:



Jovic Staddon – vocals
Tom Thain – guitars
Ricky Gurung – guitars
Ryan Beckett – bass
Jon Pickard – drums

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