Big ArcTanGent Festival Announcement

In all honesty, ATGs first announcement featuring solely Meshuggah as a headliner was enough to feed my appetite for a long time, but yesterday they outdid themselves with instalment #2. By revealing 39 more names on the festival bill, the festival certified themselves as one of the very best on our isles.

Joining Meshuggah as headliners are the experimental rock trio, Battles, whose music never fails to astonish me as they showcase the very best of musical artistry. As uncategorisable as their music is, Battles seem to fit the festival’s mould perfectly through their fearlessness, dedication to innovation and overall quirkiness.

After captivating the metal world on the release of their 2016 album, Mariner, Cult Of Luna are coming back to stun with their poetic brutality. Joining them are 65daysofstatic, adding to what is sure to be a weekend of gorgeous experimental, exquisitely crafted music.

Fancy some noise-rock bleakness? Daughters are gonna bring it to ya. How about electro-pop? Ahh well there’s The Black Queen for that. And lumbering sick metal? Conjurer are back! Ok…. so there’s a lot of good stuff on this lineup. I haven’t even gotten round to mentioning Zeal & Ardor, Møl or The Contortionist yet. How about you just look below for the list?

Meshuggah / Battles / Cult of Luna / Zeal & Ardor / 65daysofstatic / The Black Queen / Daughters / Caspian / The Contortionist / Three Trapped Tigers / The Algorithm / Frontierer / Conjurer / Bossk / The Physics House Band / Møl / GosT / AK/DK / Birds in Row / Car Bomb / Azusa / Pijn / Sithu Aye / LLNN / A.A.Williams / Letters From The Colony / Invalids / Standards / Collosal Squid / Aiming for Enrike / Floral / Cattle / Wild Cat Strike / Lost in the Riots / Big Lad / Voronoi / Ogives Big Band / Hexcut / Sugar Horse

ArcTanGent have done something exceptional with this lineup but don’t worry if you don’t know where to start with these bands, Mind Noise Network has some special things coming out to help you… watch this space.

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