Singles Only 2019 – Round-Up #3

We’re back again with even more tracks from bands just waiting to be your new favourite. Give our opinions a read, give the tracks a listen and give our playlists a follow.

The Twelve AM – Heart Beats

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Opening up today’s offerings we have The Twelve AM with their upcoming single ‘Heart Beats’. A bit of a slow burner, the song has a melody that you can just drift along with – think Summer road trips with the windows down and the wind blowing in your hair. Vocally it’s soft throughout with some backing vocals enhancing the experience. Musically it is perfectly balanced, moving on with pace but never feeling like it’s rushing anywhere. The perfect track to unwind to.


Rikki Kincer – Carry On My Way

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Up next is ‘Carry On My Way’ from Rikki Kincer. Was I impressed this wasn’t a Kansas cover? Maybe a little. Thankfully this track is about as different as it can be so the name is where any comparisons end. Musically the track is a pretty standard pop-punk track, it’s fast-paced and upbeat. Vocally it’s accomplished and just has an air of being completely genuine. The lyrics are obviously personal and that just boosts the enjoyability of the song as a whole. Rikki Kincer may be late to the pop-punk party but there’s more than enough room for tracks like this.


Alesti ft James DeBerg – House Of Glass


Over to Norway next for Alesti‘s track ‘House Of Glass’ on which James DeBerg from Thousand Below features. Alesti is the brainchild of Stian Alsaker, a solo artist from Norway who is writing tracks with specific handpicked vocalists in mind. ‘House Of Glass’ is the final track to be released from the EP Elements and is a powerful song that implores humanity to look in on itself and its actions on the world around. If you like your music to be all-encompassing and with a strong message, start here.


Throne Of Eden – Someone Dies Tonight

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Ominously calling you into its arms, ‘Someone Dies Tonight’ is Throne Of Eden‘s final single from 2018 and will call out to fans of modern heavy metal around the world. With the sense of drama dialled up high, Throne Of Eden are continuing on from A7X’s self-titled white album. The Tim Burton style vocals rising above soaring guitars enhance the story-telling element of ‘Someone Dies Tonight’ and that is what sets the track apart and adds so much replayability. This is a song that you can see being blasted out to an enthralled festival crowd, loving every minute.


Spielbergs – Five On It


Wrapping us up today are Singles Only veterans Spielbergs with ‘Five On It’. A song that feels like it’s dragging you through the sand with its gritty guitars and raw drums. Vocally it’s hazy and distant yet when you bring it all together you have a symphony of indie rock. This track marks the closure of 2018 for the band and the start of 2019 where the debut album will be released on the 1st of Feb. If you weren’t already looking forward to this ‘Five On It’ will get you excited.


That’s this weeks singles reviews, please check out the tracks above and give them a listen in our embedded Spotify playlist below. Thanks for reading!



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