Singles Only 2019 – Round-Up #1

To kick us off into 2019 we have a lovely batch of five singles for your ears to take in. Give my thoughts your attention and then head to the Spotify playlist underneath to have a listen.

These Fine Gentlemen – Choke

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The first track that forms part of the 2019 Singles Only feature is ‘Choke’ by These Fine Gentlemen. The track is the opener from the band’s debut album Old Flames and sits smack bang in the middle of so many of rock’s myriad of genres. These four minutes are mostly spent in the alt-rock arena though with the vocals being the true driving force. Soaring guitars support strong lead and backing vocals, with the magic really coming when the harmonies kick in. If you like your hard, accessible and pacey then These Fine Gentlemen are the band for you to start 2019 with.


Capital Sons – Pollyanna

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Next up is the new video from American rockers Capital Sons‘ track ‘Pollyanna’. The track and accompanying video are about a girl, seemingly called Pollyanna, who used to be a party girl and is now….well she’s gone and bloody grown up. With a split screen view of worlds old and new you can see bottles of beer being replaced by milk for a sprog, and yoga replacing a recreational herb. It’s an engaging look at how life progresses with a wholesome ending all round. The song matches this entirely with it’s funky and upbeat instruments and inquisitive lyrics. A fun romp for all rockers.


The Uninspired – Postpartum Blues


Slowing things down significantly we have The Uninspired with the track ‘Postpartum Blues’ from the 2018 EP Better Left Unsaid… and the Pacific Northwest trio have created a sound here that sounds oh so familiar and yet unique at the same time. From the opening few seconds you know you’re in for a slow, sludgey, riff-fueled romp through five minutes of your life that are truly well spent. Musically superb and vocally deep, you’ll find yourself putting the song on repeat (I’m currently on my fourth listen in a row). The Uninspired have all the hallmarks of a band that can make it, get in on the groundfloor with them now.


Manalyth – Eyes

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Going even heavier now with have Manalyth and ‘Eyes’. A solely online band, Manalyth are embracing technology and just focusing on spreading their message. A message which is heavy and interesting all at the same time. ‘Eyes’ tells the story of a cult following the Moon Spirit looking for a host body. With deep growls contrasting with clean vocals from Christina Rotondo a wonderful contrast is born that rewards the listener mid-way through the seven-minute epic that is ‘Eyes’. Musically it isn’t all as brutal as the vocals, with some softer elements as the story descends towards its conclusion. There’s something in here for even the pickiest of metal fans.


Atrial – Drive

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Closing off today’s offerings are American quintet Atrial. With a new album out early this year, ‘Drive’ has been released to whet the appetite, something which it does from the opening bar. A chunky opening riff, quick drum beat and raspy vocals await the listener as a three and a half minute hard rock track unfurls in front of you. With cleaner vocals mixed in with deeper growls, ‘Drive’ is a full-throttle track that feels like the perfect opener to any weekend and is likely to make any car journey one that attracts the attention of those in blue (the police…not that pop ‘band’ from the 90s). Keep an eye out for the album over the next few months!


That’s this weeks singles reviews, please check out the tracks above and give them a listen in our embedded Spotify playlist below. Thanks for reading!



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