Interview with Sevendust’s Clint Lowery

With Sevendust are about to begin the first UK show in 7 years, Dave spoke to lead guitarist Clint Lowery about their latest album and what can the British fans expect on this tour.

You released All I See Is War in May this year. How has the reception been?

It’s been great. We rolled out the record a bit different than we have in the past, releasing 3 videos pre the record’s release. It always takes people a while to absorb new music but this way it kinda sped up the process a little. For me, it’s really interesting to get the feedback, what their favourite songs are and what they like or dislike. It’s important to me.

You brought in producer Michael Baskette to this album when you’ve often self-produced. Why did you choose to go with Michael this time?

Few reasons, to take that pressure off of myself and other guys. We were starting to get comfortable and that typically breeds lazy music. Another reason was that we are fans of what he has done, he captures a huge sound on records and thought that he would take us to another level sonically.

What was it like working with him? Did it create any new challenges for you?

Working with him was interesting, he really gets involved, his mind doesn’t shut off, he had the ability to see the big picture in the demos and hear potential. I think we are a different type of band to work with. We know how to produce ourselves, John, Morgan and I write a lot of vocal parts and Lajon is the vessel. He certainly has input but he brings our vocal parts to life. It took MB a lil while to figure that out. He had a ton of great ideas on how to make certain parts pop.

You wrote a lot of songs to select from for the album. How did you go about narrowing them down?

It was basically all of us listening to demos John and I did, seeing which ones moved us, which ones seemed like they will be easy to sing over. It was a process but was a good problem to have for once

‘Not Original’ made the cut even though it is softer than most of your work, what inspired that?

I wrote that for a potential solo record release. Lajon and Morgan came to my house to do a writing session and heard that idea- they insisted on using it so I didn’t resist. The second LJ sings it, it became a Sevendust song. Plus I think eventually we will do more songs like that. Getting older. Developing new taste.


You’re in the UK for the first time in 7 years! What’s it like to return?

It’s great- there’s not much of a culture shock or language barrier- it’s a good way to reintroduce ourselves to this market- next stop will include more countries. It’s amazing over here, passionate fans.

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All That Remains are with you – are they a band you’ve toured with before? How did you end up tour buddies?

We have done some shows with them in the states and always got along with them. Good guys- some parallels. Always loved Oli- so sad he passed away. Very tragic. But proud of them for continuing on.

With 12 albums worth of material to choose from, how do you go about picking a setlist?

We try and cover the catalogue. Songs from each era- it’s very tough cuz we all have different opinions on it. We try and feed off what goes over and what the people want, but also pick songs we enjoy playing.

What can people who haven’t seen you before expect from your live show?

We are just a live band- no bells and whistles, we interact with the crowd, no shoegazing going on. In your face music. We are humble performers and very much a people’s band. Making that real connection- that’s our main bell and whistle!

If there’s one thing you would like to say to our readers, what is it?

We are fans of music- just like our audience, we give people what we want the bands we love to give us. We still love this game!

Thanks to Clint for taking time out to speak to us. Check out our live review of their UK tour here

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