MNN Presents: The Battle Of The Bands – Grand Final

It’s finally here. 7 months and 56 bands have led us to the next few days!

After receiving a huge amount of votes from you over the past few months we have our Grand Final lineup:

Goliath | Sun Seth | Heartbreak Remedy | Thursdays In Suburbia

The band with the most votes will win a spot in the 2019 MNN Showcase gig, vinyl from Byron’s Yard, merch for their table from Moomin Merchandise and a campaign from FatAngel PR.

That’s enough reading though, listen to the four tracks here and vote below:

Heartbreak Remedy – ‘Octane’

Website | Facebook | YouTube | Twitter | Instagram


Sun Seth – ‘New Millenium Demigod’

 Facebook | Twitter


Goliath – ‘Alice’



Thursdays In Suburbia – ‘Against Us’

Facebook | Soundcloud


Voting is open until 6pm on the 21st of December and you can vote for your two favourite bands every day. Make sure you keep coming back to ensure your favourite wins:


Good luck to the bands that entered!

Entry to the 2018 competition is now closed but if you’re in a band and are interested in entering please keep your eyes peeled for the 2019 competition.

Finally, our eternal thanks go out to the sponsors of this competition:


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  1. B Wilson

    A brilliant band that displays such passion and pleasure whilst entertaining it’s followers. They reach out with every note and have you following them through their musical journey.. .

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