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When a band like Fun Lovin’ Criminals make a comeback it’s time to celebrate…so here’s another dose of singles being reviewed.

Ready The Prince – Torn Up


Kicking off with a riff straight out of any classic rock track ‘Torn Up’ is the latest single from Ready The Prince, a Canadian rock band who are just playing rock music through and through. The first few seconds are deceiving here though as distinctive, squeaky clean vocals (as in they’re really clean…they aren’t squeaky!) and guitars and drums that are simple yet incredibly effective. This is what taking rock back to it’s origins and giving it a healthy dose of passion sounds like. The transition between phases is subtle and effective and you can just imagine yourself bouncing up and down at a live show with that pint going all over you. Canada needs to stand up and take notice of these guys.


The Slumdogs – Monsters

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Fans of early 2000s indie are in for a treat with The Slumdogs as they combine elements of all the big names from that era. With the Northern accent and punchy guitars, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Arctic Monkeys were back putting out music that people can actually listen to again. At under three minutes, the song is the perfect length as the energy it has pent up inside builds and builds until it is released in the final minute with an explosive release of passion. The Slumdogs are pushing indie rock forwards here and that is much needed.


Fun Lovin’ Criminals – Daylight


Needing little to no intro, Fun Lovin’ Criminals are back after an 8 year break from releasing new music and ‘Daylight’ is exactly what you expected from the band and nothing like what you expected as well. This is a reworking and revisioning of Bobby Womack/Georgie Fame classic with The Happy Mondays Rowetta taking on vocals. The result is a track that feels more like the soundtrack to someone’s life where everything turns out well in the end. If you close your eyes you can feel yourself follow this lucky chap whose day goes well. It’s the kind of song to sit back with a glass of red, and relax whilst waiting for the new FLC album in early 2019. The chill is real here.


Black Night Satellite – Exodus Redux


Bringing us back out from that relaxing slumber we have Black Night Satellite with ‘Exodus Redux’, a track drawing influences from all over the place with rocky elements, a dubstep-infused chorus and a futuristic feel through. The highlight here is Chris Pedis’ vocals, as they range from slow and steady with a hint of angst to fast-paced, spitting that get the blood pumping. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea on first listen but take a few extra minutes, spin it again and you’ll be rewarded.


Cilver – Turns Me On

Finishing off today we’re smashing our way firmly back into the rock sphere. Cilver are straight out of that American, radio-rock style of music and you can hear the inspirations in there from the first few seconds. The female vocals set the track apart slightly as musically the song does just about enough to set itself above the barrage of American radio-friendly bands that are doing the rounds. The song is fast, punchy and ballsy and fits in perfectly with the band’s catalogue. Get on listening to these now.


That’s this weeks singles reviews, please feel free to check out the tracks above on the usual formats, or alternatively you can access them on our embedded Spotify playlists below. Thanks for reading!







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