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Another bumper package of singles sees Dan travelling around the world to bring you a variety of tracks from bands of all types. Make sure you give our playlists a follow to check them all out!

Kore – Show Is Not Over


Kicking us off today with a funky intro and an all-round fun track is Germany’s Kore and their single ‘Show’s Not Over’. From the Perspectives album, the track does it’s best to dispel any of those little preconceptions you may have about German music, like a German comedian who actually makes you laugh. The track can feel a little two dimensional in places, it could do with an additional guitar in there during the intro, the song is a foot tapper and the vocals are strong throughout. The transitions between choruses and verses are the opposite of subtle and that gives the track a strong sense of development with each element bringing something slightly new to the table.


Makeout Point – This Might Be


Slowing things down considerably are Sweden’s Makeout Point. ‘This Might Be’ is the second single from the EP Dear Aubrey which saw the light of day on the 2nd of November. The track is a must listen to fans of bands like The Pixies, with the soft drums combining with an, again, soft guitar but one that has a degree of chaos to it. The louder choruses are signature Pixies and the flowing vocals set the tone perfectly and they all amalgamate to pour a feeling of existential dread on your day, perfectly encapsulating the band’s intentions behind the track.


Jagd – Luxaflex


Combining fairly mundane indie rock with a punky approach has been being done for likely as long as most people reading this have been alive, yet every now and then a band comes along that just does it that little bit better than their peers. Hailing from the Netherlands, Jagd are creating fast-paced, intense rock music that sits between genres perfectly. ‘Luxaflex’ is a punchy, intense and in parts beautiful – something that probably describes Amsterdam pretty damn well. Nanne vd Linden’s vocals are expansive and quite unique and switch quickly from melodic to energetic almost without warning. Jagd could be on to something special here.


The Waning Light – Ten


Taking things a few steps heavier are Canadian metal outfit The Waning Light with a track from their recently released EP. Mathcore seems to be dying off a little as a genre but when you have bands putting out tracks like this it’s hard to see why. Refusing to stay the same for too long you have more transitions than some bands manage in their entire careers in a three and a half minute song. Vocally it’s brutish throughout, though there is little in the way of variation here, and musically it is unrelenting, even when it slows down a touch towards the end. With a big finish though, this is a track not for the faint hearted.


Spielbergs – 4AM


Closing us off today we have Oslo trio Spielbergs with their single, ‘4am’. If you’re a fan of mid-2000 style indie rock, the kind you used to see in the bar when watching The OC, then Spielbergs are completely and utterly for you. Their upbeat musical style and contrasting lyrical content make for a nice juxtaposition and one that is likely born from their home country. Despite the track going on for three and a half minutes, it feels like it’s over in a flash. You could easily see you up against a barrier with your mates jumping around after a few non-branded energy drinks. A fun track from a band that will excel in the live environment.


That’s this weeks singles reviews, please feel free to check out the tracks above on the usual formats, or alternatively you can access them on our embedded Spotify playlists below. Thanks for reading!







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