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Another dose of tracks for your ears to consume:

Ryan Vanicin –  Cellar

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Starting us off nice and slowly is Ryan Vanicin and his 90s dark rock tribute ‘Cellar’. Fans of bands like Marilyn Manson and early Alice In Chains will find a lot to like here as the track ebbs and flows through a mystical four minutes that feel like they could easily be the backing for a 28 Day Later style disaster movie. Musically the track evolves with each listen and the vocals really bring the song to life. A good listen as we hurtle towards winter.

If I Were You – Fraud


Kicking off with a tasty little riff and chug, ‘Fraud’ is a track from If I Were You‘s upcoming album Inner Signals. The opening is a good indicator of what is to come and for nearly four and a half minutes an atmospheric and intense track pounds from start to finish. The contrasting cleans and growls are nice, if not quite as big as some other bands doing a similar style.

Farewell For Now – Hollow, Pt. II 


Slowing things down a little we have Farewell For Now with their acoustic track ‘Hollow, Pt II’. The song reminds me of the songs that pop-punk bands lob at the end of an album about a minute and a half after the last song. Vocally the track is really superb, musically some nice string elements towards the end keep it interesting but there isn’t too much going on. Luckily the vocals and lyrics stand out strong.

Dead In Five – Devil White Devil


If Rob Zombie fronted Clutch then Dead In Five is probably something like what the band would sound like. The big ole riffs are there, the intricate guitar play is still there but there’s a whole dose of dirt on top. The only real criticism for the track would be that the verses and choruses just don’t have enough definition for me and with vocals that don’t have too much definition that does draw it back a bit. Luckily…those riffs make it all better.

House Of Now – Waste


Closing out today’s reviews are House Of Now with ‘Waste’. You’d be forgiven for thinking that Josh Homme was fronting the band after the first few seconds. With a strong footing in 90s grunge the vocals travel through all of the major players from that era and musically there are some strong nods towards Soundgarden throughout. ‘Searching With My Good Eye Closed’ feels particularly close. It isn’t as dirty and gritty but it’s certainly worth your time.

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